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Dear Members,

NJAWR would like to announce a new easy-reference brochure, “Help! I found a wild animal…What should I do now?” Designed to assist wildlife rehabilitators, ACOs, shelters, and other animal care professionals, the brochure provides basic information for the general public on how to determine if a wild animal needs help, how to safely secure it, and how to find the nearest licensed rehabilitator. Common baby season scenarios are included!

The brochure is now available to download! Click Here!

About Us...

The New Jersey Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators (NJAWR) began with a meeting between licensed New Jersey wildlife rehabilitators and representatives of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife (NJDF&W) to discuss issues directly affecting the rehabilitation community. Incorporated as a non-profit organization the following year (1991), NJAWR continues to serve as an excellent resource for information and educational opportunities for wildlife rehabilitators and many other individuals working in related fields.

Our Mission...
  • Encourage professionalism and standardization
    within the field of wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Provide proper and timely dissemination of
    information among all persons handling wildlife.
  • Offer workshops, seminars and newsletters
    providing up-to-date information on wildlife
    care, policy changes, new products, new
    techniques and many other topics pertinent to
    the handling of wildlife.
  • Ensure that all groups handling wildlife are
    doing so with the best information available.
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Eastern Cottontail -
Sylvilagus floridanus
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