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Thank you to everyone that attended our Annual Membership Meeting and made it a huge success!
Congratulations to the recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award - Len Soucy accepted on his behalf by Chris Soucy. Congratulations to the recipient of our Rising Star Award - Katy Bungay.
From the President:
We are starting our 25th year! We began as an ad-hoc committee made up of rehabilitators and representatives from Fish and Wildlife to discuss how the, then quickly approaching, rabies virus would affect wildlife rehabilitation. Our mission then was to continue to allow rehabilitators to work with RVS species and that would require educating everyone. And, so we had our first conference. From there we organized as NJAWR. In the many years since, and as rehabilitators volunteering our time, we have consistently served our members and the wildlife of New Jersey by providing education opportunities through conferences, roundtables and workshops, disseminating information regarding wildlife and the care of. NJAWR has created a greater understanding of this field for NJDFW and initiated many changes to improve it. We consistently monitor policy and regulation and insist on input so that changes will only benefit our work as rehabilitators and so those animals we care for. We constantly do our best to address needs and issues of our fellow rehabilitators. Today, the field of wildlife rehabilitation is respected more than ever in this state and that is greatly due to the un-wavering work and dedication to promoting a better understanding of it by past and present members of this board and its members. Without the support of our membership we could not have accomplished as much.
Year in review:
This past year was no exception. You will hear more from our committee chairs but as a quick recap we provided a long sought after solution to moving animals between rehabilitators throughout the state by proving a Capture and Transport course, hosted several workshops and a roundtable, continued to work with our partners to oppose the Wildlife Rehabilitation Bill, offered opportunities for scholarships and awards and stayed in touch with our members through our website, email and our newsletter. I would like to thank the board and committee chairs and members for their efforts and successes in keeping NJAWR true to its purpose and for their commitment to this organization and New Jersey’s wildlife.
Looking ahead:
This year we will continue to offer education opportunities to assist rehabilitators to learn new skills and techniques and we will continue to be your voice. We are your organization and will always try to address the needs of those assisting the orphaned and injured wild animals in NJ. I ask that our members continue to help our efforts by providing input and inspiring new members. We also welcome your involvement whether on a committee, submitting an article for the newsletter, nominating someone for and award or scholarship or becoming a board member. Best of luck in your wildlife rehabilitation efforts this year and remember that NJAWR is your organization!




Woodlands' First Children's Book- Broke Leg Bear

Broke Leg BearA True Story that gives the reader insight into many wildlife species and the compassionate care given daily at Woodlands.

“This beautifully told tale of compassion will entertain and inspire both children and adults. And it will also encourage conversations about the importance of caring for wild animals, who deserve to share this planet with us. Broke Leg Bear demonstrates how saving just one animal at a time can truly make a difference.”

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

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Tabitha's Tale

Broke Leg BearTabitha's Tale is a wonderfully written book that teaches children about bats through a touching story. It explains how beneficial and necessary they are to our world. With eye catching, colorful illustrations, this 28 page soft cover book will delight the youngsters in your life while teaching them about our natural world.

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Proceeds from both books will benefit the care of injured and orphaned wildlife.



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