St. Francis Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

St. Francis Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. (SFWS) is the newest addition to the New Jersey wildlife rehabilitation centers and is located in West Windsor, NJ. Owned and operated by Dr. Priscilla Purnick, this wildlife refuge takes in mammals (rodents, opossums, rabbits, raccoons) and reptiles (turtles) that have been abandoned, injured or orphaned, treats them and then … Continue reading St. Francis Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.


These little guys tend to get a bad wrap, but they are wonderful animals that help to keep tick populations down. They are also the only marsupial located in the US. National Wildlife Federation has a great article on why you should give opossums a break!

New 2015 Trapping Regulations

Traps: Live-capture Foot Encapsulating Enclosed or foot encapsulating (also known as enclosed foothold or dog-proof traps) traps are now legal for trapping. These traps have been specifically designed to capture species such as raccoon and opossum (which possess a degree of manual dexterity) while minimizing the capture of non-target animals especially domestic dogs and cats. … Continue reading New 2015 Trapping Regulations

Woodlands’ First Children’s Book—Broke Leg Bear

“This beautifully told tale of compassion will entertain and inspire both children and adults. And it will also encourage conversations about the importance of caring for wild animals, who deserve to share this planet with us. Broke Leg Bear demonstrates how saving just one animal at a time can truly make a difference.” —Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Highlights from the NJAWR 2009 Annual Conference

The NJAWR annual conference was held on Saturday, March 21, at Princeton University. This year's theme, Wildlife Rehabilitation Appeals to Humanity, opened with keynote speaker John Satta from AlphaPoint, Inc. John helped us refocus on the one species that collectively benefits the most from our efforts—humans—and how to hone our skills as wildlife advocates to … Continue reading Highlights from the NJAWR 2009 Annual Conference

Highlights from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Symposium 2008

Thanks to all who attended the 2008 National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Symposium on March 4-8 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. NJAWR’s newest Board member, Michael Ginder, had these observations about the NWRA conference: It was worth the price of admission. We have all heard this phrase used, but when it came to the National Wildlife … Continue reading Highlights from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Symposium 2008