This committee reviews and keeps current the organization’s by-laws and handles business aspects of the board.
Chairperson: Judy Tonkin
Members: Peter Revilla, Nicole Herbert
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This committee provides continuing education opportunities such as skills courses, workshops and the distribution of educational information, including the newsletter.
Chairperson: Jane Rakos-Yates
Members: Cil Purnick, Melissa Anahory, Heather Freeman, Lori Swanson, Lynda Shapiro
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This committee works on regulatory changes and is responsible for keeping the membership current on new and pending legislative issues that effect wildlife.
Chairperson: Judy Tonkin
Members: Jeanne Gural, Denise Hassinger
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The membership committee is responsible for developing new members and keeping our members active and informed on NJAWR materials and events. Also responsible for NJAWR newsletter, web, and social media.
Chairperson: Heather Freeman and Melissa Anahory
Members: Jane Rakos-Yates, Marie Wludyka, Judy Tonkin, Donna P, Lori Swanson
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Chaired by the Vice President, the nominating committee reviews nominees for the board.
Chairperson: Cil Purnick
Members: Heather Freeman
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To help standardize wildlife rehabilitation based on evidence and science by conducting, supporting and publicizing research on NJ wildlife and by conducting outreach activities to NJ rehabilitators, wildlife veterinarians and other wildlife professionals.
Chairperson: Cil Purnick
Consultants: Karen Dashfield, DVM, Erica Miller, DVM
Members: Ruth Brooks, Denise Hassinger, Kathy Williams, Jane Rakos-Yates, Carol Dragland, Judy Tonkin, Cathy Longi, Michael O’Malley