If you find an animal that appears to be injured or in distress, contact your
local licensed wildlife rehabilitator
BEFORE you handle it. Licensed wildlife
rehabilitators are trained to properly handle and care for wildlife.

Many wild young animals are left alone while their mothers feed elsewhere.
A licensed wildlife rehabilitator can help determine if the animal truly needs
assistance and if it does, provide the proper care. REMEMBER: wild young do
best when left in the wild with their parents.
Click below for species specific advice.

NJAWR would like to announce a new easy-reference brochure, “Help! I found a wild animal…What should I do now?” Designed to assist wildlife rehabilitators, ACOs, shelters, and other animal care professionals, the brochure provides basic information for the general public on how to determine if a wild animal needs help, how to safely secure it, and how to find the nearest licensed rehabilitator. Common baby season scenarios are included!

The brochure is now available to download! Click here!