Avian Bandaging Workshop Success!

On Sunday February 16th, NJAWR hosted an Avian Bandaging Workshop at the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital led by Dr. Susan Tyson. We would like to extend a special thank you to Dr.Tyson and Mount Laurel Animal Hospital for donating this room, her educational service, and a spread of food and refreshments to this NJAWR Workshop! Participants were volunteers of licensed wildlife rehabilitators and were provided a hands-on introduction to bandaging supplies and their uses, immobilizing wing fractures during the healing process, foot/shoe bandages, leg splints, and basic avian wound and pain management! NJAWR board members Mike O’Malley, Lori Swanson, and Heather Evans assisted these 18 participants as they learned these new skills and provided tips and tricks throughout. We also had NJAWR board member Elizabeth Benjamin in attendance as a participant! This practical experience prepared participants to more adequately support their licensed wildlife rehabilitator in their efforts to rehabilitate avian patients!